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Created on 2009-05-02 21:41:20 (#224441), last updated 2015-03-31 (134 weeks ago)

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W E L C O M E.
welcome to starocean, a community dedicated to the various installments of the star ocean game series. membership is open and we'd love to have you with us. :)

R U L E S.
1) don't be a dick. discussion is welcome, but personal attacks/etc will not be tolerated.

2) please keep everything in the community relevant to star ocean in some way possible. you're welcome to introduce yourself as long as you have something relevant to add to the post.

3) news/announcements are welcome, as well as discussion. if you're stuck on something, let us know, we just might be able to help you!

4) icons, fanart, fanfiction, and all other fandom creations are welcome! please don't post more than three icons outside of a cut, and clearly specify the rating of your art/fanfic/other creative material. all nsfw material must be under a cut.

5) please put all spoilers behind a cut, regardless of what game or how long ago it came out; someone may have just started playing it, and they might not appreciate seeing the end posted on their friends list.

6) don't forget to tag your posts!
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star ocean, star ocean 3, star ocean 4, star ocean: blue sphere, star ocean: first departure, star ocean: second evolution, star ocean: the last hope, star ocean: the second story, star ocean: till the end of time, tri-ace
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